Adult Piñata?!

I’ve been driving for Uber/Lyft for almost a year now and have had a lot of interesting experiences that I wanted to share. I try to have a conversation with everyone that I give rides too. For those that bite, many of the conversations have been informative, some comedy, others straight ludicrous!

I’ll start with a conversation with a rider I had on Saturday. For starters he was a white guy from Kenya named Gary, mid-thirties, no kids. Upon learning that I lived in Gilroy, Gary mentioned he was just in Gilroy during the 4th Annual Beer Crawl Festival in October. Evidently, he got drunk and bought one of those Mexican piñatas of all things!

At first, I was like whoa! Who buys a piñata with no kids?? See in my mind when he said “Mexican” piñata I was picturing one of those star shaped piñatas with the tassels on the ends that you can buy at Mi Pueblo. In actuality… he bought a Corona!

I told him a Corona piñata was more understandable for an adult but probably wouldn’t score at a child’s birthday party. He agreed and said he’d like to someday host an adult party and put that Corona to use! But instead of filling it with candy, he’d fill it up with mini bottles of booze!

Just then I got an image of that final strike on the piñata, mini bottles of Baileys, Jack Daniels, and Fireball, flying everywhere… grown men in business shirts and ties, woman in heels and skirts scrambling on the ground in a frenzy to stuff their little plastic bags with the bottles! Children standing by their parents directing them “Mommy grab the Hennessy!”

I told Gary his idea was brilliant and could be the start of a new tradition!