Carma for short

Ever heard of car karma? It’s the essence of good will coming back to you on the road as a result of showing good will while on the road. Slowing down to let a car merge, letting a car turn in front of you even though you have the right of way, etc. As a driver for Uber and Lyft, it’s always my goal to provide an outstanding experience whether a rider is in my car for 2 min or 20. I always try and go that extra mile too. I’m a firm believer of paying it forward. It’s amazing how these things have a way of coming back around.

I’ll give you my most recent experience. Couple weeks back I received a request from a Roberto. I arrived at a hotel in Morgan Hill looking for a Roberto only find a Lisa. Roberto worked at the hotel and was kind enough to call an Uber on behalf of Lisa as she was dropped off to the wrong hotel by a taxi. Her reservation was at a hotel with the same name only in downtown San Jose! She had come down from Oakland to purchase a car from a local dealership.

As if that wasn’t enough, the purchase of the car went south at the dealership leaving her with no means to get home. Her destination was the Caltrain station which didn’t have northbound train arriving for another 45min.

At the time I arrived at the train station it was dark, cold, and creepy. This lady had already been down on her luck striking out at the dealership and then the hotel. She carried a can of wasp spray in her hand, indicating fear of someone or something I knew it would be a long 45min.

I don’t know what compelled me but I had compassion on her… She needed a win. So I offered her a ride to the correct hotel as it happened to be in the direction I was going to Uber for that night. After dropping her off, I went on about my night thinking nothing more about it.

A couple nights later, again in Morgan Hill, I responded to a call to pick up Bill from the GVA Cafe on Monterey and 2nd St, a waitress flagged me down and anxiously shoved a drunk couple into my car. Not 2 min later, my cell phone rings… It was Bill! Evidently he was having an out of body experience, as his app showed he had been picked up but somehow he was still standing on the curb!

Silently cursing the waitress, I apologized for the mix up and asked him to cancel the ride. And I would ensure he got credit for the charge. I then explained to the current passengers about the mix up. They asked if I would mind taking them home anyway since they were only a couple miles away. No problem. But understand that I wasn’t getting any credit for it. Tip love would be appreciated.

4 min later after driving up a mile long driveway I pull up to this enormous house, easily 20 sq ft shy of a mansion! As I’m helping them out of the car, the husband hands me a $100 bill! I said “This will get you up the stairs, into your pj’s, and tucked into bed, but your a little short if you’re looking for anything else!” He laughed. His wife frowned. I drove away.

Now these two situations viewed separately, seem to have nothing to do with one another. However if you look at them in parallel could they be a coincidence? Karma? Angels at work? Luck? You Decide…

Now lets look at it the other way… on Dec 7th, I got into 2 accidents on the same day! Both hit and runs! With no uninsured motorist coverage, my damages will have to come out of my collision coverage subject to a $1000 deductible. Plus I’ll get a point on my insurance raising my premiums for the next 3yrs! I got me to thinking back to cars I cut off, times that I sped up not allowing people to merge. Could this be karma working against me?Again you decide…


A good witch or a bad witch?

I would say one of my most interesting rides happened recently when I picked up a rider who needed a ride to an enchantment store in Campbell to grab some additional ingredients needed to complete a location spell. When I asked what she was locating, she said “My Nikes”.

Of course I needed the background, but she wanted to give me her whole lifes story and normally on a long ride would be okay but we only had 9 minutes so I needed her to get to the good stuff. After a 7min life story she finally got to the good stuff.

She said she’s been into it since she was 16 where she dabbled in Vampirism with her friends dad, drinking eachothers blood from wine glasses… Immediately I slowed down to 40 mph on the freeway; now we are getting somewhere!

Apparently things started getting weird with the dad as they got deeper into learning the craft. Apparitions appearing in the living room, curtains taking the shape of human figures. She discovered that the dad had been practicing dark magic

Eventually, she she stopped practicing witchcraft altogether when her friends father started catching feelings for her(go figure) and banned her friend from communicating with her. Apparently dad called “dibs”.

A few years later she started practicing witchcraft most recently by casting a love spell on a guy she was dating who evidently started something (sexually) but failed to finish. When I asked if the spell worked she said that it could take up to 21 days to work. I don’t know of a woman in this world who would have to wait that long for sex! Maybe this guy is special.

She did say that she was successful at casting a locator spell to find a pair of earmuffs she had lost. I hope she finds her Nikes!

Advice from a Luber – Safety First

Hey parents! I’m a “Luber” (someone that drives for Lyft and and Uber) and a father of 6 children. Listen up! I just had a rider yesterday that jumped in my car with their 2 yr old and had no car seat. I told the mom that her child needed to wear a seltbelt at least.

She complied but then her son started screaming once the seatbelt was fastened. We hadn’t even left the parking lot when she unbuckled his seatbelt so he would stop crying. This made me very uncomfortable as I was concerned for the child’s safety. I told her it was very risky and she explained that he doesn’t like seatbelts and screams everytime she tries to put one on him. Ironically he doesn’t scream when he’s in a carseat but she comes directly from work to pick him up from daycare which fortunately is only a 7 min ride from her home. Still, statistically the majority of accidents happen within 10 miles of a person’s home.

Luckily this time they got home safe, but if this is happening 5 days a week both to and from daycare you are putting your child at serious risk!

this got me to thinking about how many other parents are entrusting their childrens life in the hands of a complete stranger!

Yeah I may have a valid license and have passed a vehicle inspection to qualify to drive for Lyft or Uber. But I’m not the only one on the road and trust me… the road is filled with idiot drivers!

Before I became a Luber I commuted 50 miles a day and there was NOT a day that I didn’t pass by an accident. Many times there were accidents going both directions including passing by multiple ones on the same route! Eventually my time came and I was rear-ended myself!

My point parents is this: If you are taking your children in Lyft or Uber bring a car seat or at the very least buckle them up no matter how much they scream.

Accidents happen and I for 1 do not want your child’s injury or death on my conscience due to your incompetence as a parent! Let them scream! I may be on an island but I would much rather endure 7 min of screaming over a lifetime of shame and regret if something were to happen!

Be proactive. Plan ahead. I know it’s not convenient to lug a carseat to work with you so why not leave it at the daycare?!

Take it from a father of 6 whose made every mistake in the book as a parent. While there are some things you can bend on, your child’s safety should never be one of them!