Advice from a Luber – Safety First

Hey parents! I’m a “Luber” (someone that drives for Lyft and and Uber) and a father of 6 children. Listen up! I just had a rider yesterday that jumped in my car with their 2 yr old and had no car seat. I told the mom that her child needed to wear a seltbelt at least.

She complied but then her son started screaming once the seatbelt was fastened. We hadn’t even left the parking lot when she unbuckled his seatbelt so he would stop crying. This made me very uncomfortable as I was concerned for the child’s safety. I told her it was very risky and she explained that he doesn’t like seatbelts and screams everytime she tries to put one on him. Ironically he doesn’t scream when he’s in a carseat but she comes directly from work to pick him up from daycare which fortunately is only a 7 min ride from her home. Still, statistically the majority of accidents happen within 10 miles of a person’s home.

Luckily this time they got home safe, but if this is happening 5 days a week both to and from daycare you are putting your child at serious risk!

this got me to thinking about how many other parents are entrusting their childrens life in the hands of a complete stranger!

Yeah I may have a valid license and have passed a vehicle inspection to qualify to drive for Lyft or Uber. But I’m not the only one on the road and trust me… the road is filled with idiot drivers!

Before I became a Luber I commuted 50 miles a day and there was NOT a day that I didn’t pass by an accident. Many times there were accidents going both directions including passing by multiple ones on the same route! Eventually my time came and I was rear-ended myself!

My point parents is this: If you are taking your children in Lyft or Uber bring a car seat or at the very least buckle them up no matter how much they scream.

Accidents happen and I for 1 do not want your child’s injury or death on my conscience due to your incompetence as a parent! Let them scream! I may be on an island but I would much rather endure 7 min of screaming over a lifetime of shame and regret if something were to happen!

Be proactive. Plan ahead. I know it’s not convenient to lug a carseat to work with you so why not leave it at the daycare?!

Take it from a father of 6 whose made every mistake in the book as a parent. While there are some things you can bend on, your child’s safety should never be one of them!

Author: RideZilla

I drive for Uber and Lyft and created this site to log my experiences on the road

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